Lightning Nodes Made Easy

Lightning Network Node / Wallet Hosting

Bitnoder provides non-custodial Bitcoin lightning network nodes. Every node comes with a web-based interface and can be managed without technical knowledge. The service is cloud-based and every node is isolated in its own container. Security is at the highest level, with all sensitive data encrypted. The infrastructure is enterprise-grade with redundancy built-in.

Quick and Easy Onboarding

If you are looking for a way to participate in the lightning network without having to manage a node yourself, Bitnoder provides you with all you need. We offer full-featured lightning network nodes in the cloud. Our nodes are enterprise-ready. At the same time, no technical knowledge is required to manage a node. We provide web-based interfaces both for unlocking and managing the nodes. They work on any browser and device.

You can send and receive Bitcoins over lightning and via on-chain transactions. We take on the headaches of node management. Containerized environment allows us to handle all updates without accessing your node. We'll tackle things like backups, networking, and version upgrades for you. Test the service through the demo account. You can get the access data from the footer of the page.

Start accepting Bitcoin payments in minutes. Every node comes with an easy API for accepting lightning payments. You can use it in e-commerce, to accept donations, and so on. No third parties, no transaction fees, and payments go straight to you.

Security and Privacy

Your node is initialized in "stateless init" mode. This means no macaroons or other sensitive data is stored on our servers. Only the owner of the node receives the mnemonic seed and the admin macaroon. The communication with the node is encrypted via a TLS certificate so only you can receive all the sensitive data. It is very important to keep all this data, because you will only be able to see it once.

Every node is isolated in its own container. The LND container is pulled from Lightning Labs's official docker repository without modifications. Our server environment is secure, but we approach it as if it is not. Even if someone gets unauthorized access to our servers and your node, he can't do anything. This is because all sensitive files are encrypted to your password client-side.

Only you can interact with your node. We cannot access your funds. We can't even see the public key of your node nor his address. We don't know which nodes are hosted by us. Even if you give us a public key of a node, we can't tell if it's hosted with us or not. This shows the uncompromising level of encryption and isolation we use. All Bitnoder nodes have Tor enabled from the start and you can't turn this off.

Your node is running with a Neutrino backend and it is fully validating the Bitcoin blockchain independently. You do not have to trust our full nodes. They are just providing the blockchain data.

Reliability and Redundancy

Our job is to provide a reliable hosting environment for your node and make sure it runs 24/7. We are using hardware RAID arrays with enterprise disks for data redundancy. We are also making full real-time data replication on a separate physical location. The storage needs first-class redundancy because lightning nodes must not lose any data.

Our enterprise-class servers are using error correction code memory (ECC RAM). Any errors that may occur in the CPU, motherboard, or memory are detected and corrected. Our storage disks are also using hardware error correction.

Standard backups cannot be performed with this type of service. We automatically back up the file "channel.backup" each time it is changed. This is the so-called "static channel backup" and ensures that you will be able to recover your funds in the event of an accident. The file is encrypted, so there is no risk of copying it to a remote server.